He discovered music in 1976 and quickly turns his hobby into a passion.

1978 He leave scool and began his career as a technician in the group Starshooter.

1980 Concerts succeed and he collaborated with rock bands of the 80s: Téléphone, Bijou, Jacques Higelin, Lavilliers and many others. It is also his debut in the world of events, with among others: Boulevard Haussmann and its thousands of stars (the first French event).

1981 Upon his arrival at Scorpio, one of the 5 greatest promoters of French international shows, a new vision of the show was born: mega-concerts. The discovery of the scenes and the preparation of very big shows offered him new perspectives.

1982 He was entrusted with the co-governance of the Rolling Stones concert, which was then the largest global production.

1983 The life of rock is drama: at age 21, after 6 years of experience, the company offers its Scorpio technical direction of the Winter Palace (Historic Site of Lyons show). Responsibility extends to the creation of a rock club for "after concert", the West Side Club.

1985 After three years of success and more than 400 concerts, the club and the Winter Palace were demolished despite protests.

1986 First entrepreneurship: Tango Light, show production and design of robotic lighting. He collaborated with JJ Goldman, Sting and achieves a score of shows for the Republican Party.

1987 The production of JM Jarre called upon to participate in the adventure Houston-Lyon, a world-renowned show. Discovery of a new kind of show: sound and light living.

1989 Tango Light stops and starts a new experiment with audio equipment as a partner. Its objective is the development branch of the entertainment company. This is the case with 200 shows and visit of the President of the French Republic.

1992 The creation of a technical event dedicated to the MTI draws. Thus, the junction between the two worlds, the show and the event took place. Its most important tasks are staging shows for many major companies and the creation of partnerships with leading communication agencies.

1996 The desire for freedom and autonomy decides to return to his own work: the staging of musicals, shows the creation of institutional and large scenographic projects.

1999 Through these experiences, he realizes that to advance these projects, it needs a structure with the means to carry out. Birth Quorum Productions, a company dedicated to staging and technical production of events.

2009 Quorum Productions celebrates its 10 years the company has developed well and the business entrepreneur became his full-time job.

2011 He feels the need of a return to the sources, you can create ex nihilo, without obligations or constraints: the birth of the company Labelrencontre, artistic vocation and conceptual, and his first show Puss in Boots.

Frédéric Cilia

born in 1962

I like and do not

I like people who have character, originals, especially the marginalized and creative one’s
I like people who have reached their goal, artists, men and women in business, entrepreneurs
I love music, all music, especially rock and all the tubes that hit hard the collective memory
I love science fiction films, Kubrick's Odyssey 2001 and Batman. Iron Man is my hero and I'm a fan of Star Wars. I love musicals, musicals ... the Blues Brothers!
I love futuristic novels: Dune F. Herbert, the sagas Hamilton and San Antonio
I love contemporary art and also De Latour, Caravaggio and modern architecture
I love technology and technique have made ​​my life and my dreams can access
I like to play guitar with my friends even if I play poorly, but the energy of my Marshall fills me with joy
I like to be spectator of creations of others and mine
Finally, I love the friendship I share with my partners and my staff and finally, I love my family, I hope, is my biggest success
I do not like people who do not respect the work and I do not like possessiveness other
I do not like those who do not keep their commitments
I do not like intellectuals condescending claim to social superiority
I do not like extremism and sectarianism
I do not like waiting lines
I do not like organizations that do not work optimally.

Two words from me