1. Formed at the Vienna National Conservatoire of Drama in directing and acting, he made his first steps as a theater director in the company of the National Theatre Bonn. From the frenetic New York to the bold Tel Aviv passing through Berlin and Madrid, he operated opera and musical. He then discovered different modes of production and the event business. With its multidisciplinary and international experiences, he moved years later to Lyon. Working initially with the National Opera, he later discovered the independent creation, allowing him to extend its field of culture, art and social development.

  2. Artistic Director of Quorum Event Group and Associate Director LabelRencontre, Udo Staf brings to the group his skills as an artist and visionary.

Udo staf
cultural advisor

born in 1955

Some experiences:

Artistic director of the opening of the Shopping Mall - Confluence, Unibail-Rodamco, Quorum Productions (2012)
Production manager, Gliss Productions 
Development Advisor: Foreign Ministry, CU Strasburg-Mulhouse-Colmar 

Production manager, director: Publicis Public System, Quorum Productions 

Co-Director, Company Zanka, StreetArts 

Play-writer, director, National Opera of Lyon 

Assistant director, Barcelona Olympics, National Theatre of Catalonia 

Mediterranean Games, the Ministry of Youth and Sports. 

Bicentenary of the French Revolution in Berlin, the Ministry of Defense and the French Alliance 

Co-Director & director Sylvie Kay Co. (1993 -2010)
Contributing programming Ruhr Festival in Recklinghausen (1989-1993)
Co-Director, Circus Busch-Berolina. (1991-1993)
112 new shows and productions since 1979

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